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Hailing from the great state of Texas, I've acquired a taste for the finer things in life: BBQ, TexMex, a perfectly cooked steak, and a really well-made cup of coffee. I've been leading worship for over 15 years now, and the older I get the more I learn that I've got much more room to grow.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my wife, Korrie, and our two dogs, Morgan and Rebeckah. I'm not a huge fan of the snow, but the food scene here is great! 

Still In Control
Death Was Arrested - Flatirons Community Church
Resurrecting / Good Grace
Living Hope - Flatirons Community Church
There Was Jesus - Flatirons Community Church
Your Love Awakens Me - 2016
Fix My Eyes (Acoustic Version) | Flatirons Music
No Longer Slaves